Inspiration and the creative

For those of you who are seeing this for the first time, you may be asking, ‘What on earth is that?!’ Which brings me to the subject on how a creative finds the right inspiration for a given project. The above image is the original art concept which I created for the game The Darkness of Ragnarokk. What is it? … It is a ground crawler. Hunting in hoards these creatures have found their way to the surface of our world. The deep fissures have given them access to a world that has been plummeted into darkness and they have developed a taste for human flesh. The ground crawlers feature heavily in both the story line and the game.

Okay, so where did the inspiration come from for this unique and menacing creature? Every creative will tell you that when it comes to originality the mind has an open license to delve into the deepest corners of their minds. In respect of the above image I thought about what we as human beings would fear the most in a post apocalyptic world in which we would be deprived of our sense of sight. A creature that has an acute sense of smell that can track movement through the vibrations on the grounds surface. A creature that has never needed vision having come from the depths of the earths crust with razor sharp teeth capable of stripping flesh from bone. Having come from darkness, a lack of pigment would give them an almost translucent look adding to their horrifying persona.

As an idea forms, research is very important in order to verify its originality. When it comes to drawing the image it is as though when paper and pencil are united it flows naturally. When it doesn’t, then I know that I need to internalise my thoughts and ideas a little deeper. Thinking outside of the box has a huge value. Think not just literally but laterally also.  For me, I enjoy putting something out there that I am excited about and want to share the final images with all those who see and read.

I hope that you have enjoyed this small insight into how I create and take from the mind to a visual concept.


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