Myths, facts and fiction.

This project has it all. I have come so far in writing the story line and no-one knows better than me as the author how complex it becomes when you are tying in lots of different threads. Before I began this project, I had a keen interest in parapsychology and was an avid investigator. The use of scientific equipment including specialist camera work to back up findings was where I found my niche. Even though this project takes up the majority of my time now, I still keep my hand in with the research side of things. During the course of being an investigator, my attention was also caught up on Norse mythology. Studying the nine worlds and the gods therein, it wasn’t long before I wanted to understand the runes. I wanted to know what they meant, how they worked and this fed my curiosity into trying to fathom how they figured in the sense of divination. These studies have proved invaluable in writing the story line. During the game play, you will come across riddles written in rune which have to be deciphered. Learning to write in ancient Germanic runes of the Elder furthark wasn’t as difficult as I first thought it would be but don’t worry, I don’t expect that every one can write in runes so I have devised a translation grid for the gamer.

Written in the modern-day, The Darkness Of Ragnarokk is entwined with historical facts, the paranormal and Norse mythology. You would think that as someone who has studied these fields for years would race through getting a story line written …. erm… no is the answer to that one. I thought I had excellent knowledge only to find that as I progressed so did my research and a lot more than I want to admit to.

Tying in The United States of America to the south coast of Wales was one of the first historical facts that I wrote in. The place for the mission itself is on the south coast of Wales here in the UK. It is a little known fact that Eisenhower visited this location in WW2 where American soldiers were based along with the British. It is not known to this day what Eisenhower’s four-day mission was about. Armed with this, I wrote it into the story line which tied the United States of America to the UK nicely. Eisenhower’s mission is now centre to the story line of The Darkness of Ragnarokk as is WW2. This aspect gave rise to more research. The last time I looked at WW2 was in school. I even ensured the co-ordinates are accurate to the Gothic style manor that was the inspiration of it all, which may I add, I have spent many hours in the pitch black doing paranormal investigations. It is a place that is steeped in history with extensive grounds. So if you check out the story line and come across these co-ordinates, you will know the exact  place I am talking about.

As I said in my previous post, designing the mission map was one of things I did before embarking on writing the full story. It’s all very well thinking you know enough to pull off a project, but let me tell you, there’s always more to learn. It wasn’t until I got about a third of the way through the story that I realised I would have to draw up floor plans for a very large manor house that was three stories high with cellars, secret rooms and hidden towers that had to link in with underground tunnels. A daunting prospect. So I did a little research on drawing up basic floor plans so that I didn’t get lost running around a complex building while I was writing. The historical part of knowing my location and its eras made it easier to design.

Norse mythology is a vast subject and I am still learning on a daily basis. Ragnarokk is the re-order of the cosmos. When Ragnarokk befalls our world in the form of a comet storm, our sun is thrown out of our solar system, hence the darkness. From within that darkness comes all that is unseen. This is where the paranormal plays its part. In the game, before leaving on your mission, you will have a selection of investigative equipment but you are limited as to what you can take. My experience in this field served me well on this part.  Understanding the myths, legends and historical facts which you as a writer merge into a fictional narrative is key to a successful story.



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