Coming SOON….Issue 11

To all my readers and followers, I hope you all had a really great long weekend and enjoyed it to the full with lots of chocolate and goodies. I too took some time out from working to spend quality time with my family. It also gave me a bit of respite from the computer and a chance to give my brain a recharge. As you can see Issue 11 will be ready for release very soon. A little time out was exactly what I needed to compose in my head how the final chapter should pan out for this issue. Oh boy, have I got an exciting, nail biting, on the edge of your seat finish in mind.

During the course of writing this issue, I realised how much cross referencing of my own work I have to do now that I am so far into the story. You’d think that because I am the writer, I would know every word that I have written off by heart. Hmm…. No. I have discovered that in fact, it was so for the first five issues but then…. Oh wait, didn’t I … I’m sure I… Yes… I’m sure I had put a thread for this six chapters ago. After a couple of hours of reading and re-reading I’ve found the thread and can smooth the transition of the story into the next phase. This is now a frequent occurrence and although some may find it tedious even laborious to have to keep back tracking, I have to say, I love it. It not only reduces the risk of being repetitive but also feeds the imagination and creativity of my mind giving a crisp freshness to what I am writing.

So, what’s in Issue 11? Now I don’t want to give any spoilers away but let’s just say that Deena and Dan are out in the open on the west side of the manor grounds. Exploring the woodland trails is dangerous to say the least. The grounds of the graveyard also have to be searched. What’s waiting for them in the darkness is a strategically planned attack by Brother Thomas and a company of entities that they have so far managed to get away from. How will they fare against such an attack when they are at their most vulnerable?

Please visit the comics tab on the website to access all of the issues to date.



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