Issue 11 has just been released!

Yes! It’s here and available right now. Just click the comic tab to take you straight to the new release. Digital and physical copies are available right back to the first issue.

This issue is exciting. I’ve enjoyed writing this one so much. The search for the 13th crystal skull is getting dangerous. The entities are upping their attacks. The forces to which Deena and Dan have to fight against are getting ever stronger. It is within the darkness that they gain their power and will do whatever it takes to prevent Deena and Dan restoring the light to our world. Will our world ever have another dawn to a day or a dusk to the nights?

There are a handful of survivors at the mission location but it seems as though not all of them are happy that the two American adventurers are there to save what is left of humanity. One has to ask why and who would want the world to die? What could their reasoning be for the decimation and wilful death of our planet as we know it? I guess they will find out soon. How? Well now, that would be a ‘spoiler’.

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