The good,the bad and the ugly

Hello to all our readers old and new. This post is all about what makes for a great story. As with all writers, it is always in the forefront of our minds to have the right content and characters for the reader in order to make it exciting with unexpected twists and turns. How many times have we read a brilliant book and at some point during the course of it thought ‘Well, I never expected that!’ Many right? It’s what keeps the readers hooked, making it hard to put the book down.

The title is as you would think being that every great story has a good, bad or even ugly guy / girl or situation in it.  What interests me is how we as individuals perceive these adjectives. The English language is amazing. There are so many descriptive words that can be used in a multitude of contexts which makes writing so much fun, but that’s why we write isn’t it?

This brings me to the image that I have used above. These three definitely coin the good, the bad and the ugly within the story line of The Darkness Of Ragnarokk. These are just a small handful of the characters. I had so much fun creating the art concepts for them. The ‘good’ is The White Lady as she fondly referred to by Deena and Dan. Her real name is Lady Amelia, a former lady of the house at the manor. Her spirit roams the endless halls and rooms. This is her manor but, she will never appear if there is something evil around for fear of being pushed out of her home. She is the only one that will endeavour to help Deena and Dan in their mission.

The ‘bad’? Well that has to be Brother Thomas. A once devout monk and resident at the church along with Father Rhys. When Ragnarokk hit our world, he realised that this was not an Armageddon of biblical proportions but that of what he believes to be heathen gods. Brother Thomas felt that his life had been wasted and that the church had lied to him. He knelt at the alter in the sacred walls of the church and drove a dagger through his heart. His spirit now roams the graveyard and the abbey ruins. He has a hatred for mankind and wants the world remain in the darkness. He will stop at nothing to try and kill Dan and Deena. After all, the darkness empowers the entities.

That leaves the ‘ugly’. No three guesses for which one that is. Meet the ‘Goat-Men’. There is not just one but many that patrol the endless tunnels that run under the estate. They carry no weapons, just a staff torch to light their way. You would think that they are no threat but you would be very wrong. If you are seen by them they will stomp their cloven hoof on the ground to call up their master from the bowels of the earth. Who is their master? The fire demon… and he is formidable. Time to run….

We’ll talk more about him on our next post. Oh, I think we should introduce you to the  twins. Who says  little girls aren’t scary? They love to play games … with your life!


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