#kindness and consideration

Hello readers. It is a difficult time globally for everyone. Please stay well and show some #kindness and consideration for those who have underlying health conditions and elderly. It is a time of social distancing across the world. I am in self isolation due to having the flu (not cov-19) and on antibiotics for a chest infection which leaves me in the position of vulnerability, which I’ll be honest, is a little scary. I am very lucky that I can work from home and have family members to help out, but some are not so fortunate.


Yes, it’s now available for you to enjoy. Click on the comics tab on this website to purchase directly from MagCloud.

This issue has been a challenge to finish as I have been very busy bringing the development files up to date. It is action packed as Deena and Dan progress in their search for the thirteenth crystal skull. The entities know they are getting close and are determined to try and stop them with cleverly organised multiple attacks. It is getting more dangerous for them. In this issue, you will find out what happens when Dan finds the last piece of the ‘spear of Gungnir’. They challenge Megan, the nanny as to her involvement. Who exactly is she working for? Who is ‘Him’? She has certainly made things very difficult for Deena and Dan. With the twins under her control, with the powers they possess, Megan fears nothing that comes from within the darkness. Why would she want our world to die? Brother Thomas said he was working for another too, is it ‘Him’? So many questions still to be answered.

Deena and Dan need to get to what’s behind the mysterious stone door in the tunnel. It is covered with rune inscriptions. I have depicted this by image with all the writings in runes for the readers to ponder. Dan translates it all and shows Deena. She realises that the crystal skull is behind it somewhere and there is no coming back until it is found. The runes they have been finding are the same as the ones depicted singularly on the door, except for one. What does that last rune signify? The inscriptions refer to ‘Him’. Deena presses Dan for answers. Dan isn’t forthcoming. What is he hiding from her? Will they work out how to get the doorway open?

All exciting stuff!

A big thank you to all you readers and supporters out there. Don’t forget you can follow me and get the next blog as soon as it is posted.

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