I love my collection of crystal skulls and I am adding to them all the time. Depicted in the feature photograph are 12 of them. The larger ones are 5″ and the smaller are 2″ in size.

Working from left to right across the top row, the first one is sculpted from strawberry quartz and bought for my birthday by my daughter. When held under a light you can see all the sparkles within the quartz, really mesmerising. It’s like watching a night sky. The next 2″ skull is carved from rose quartz. The one in the centre is of marble. I love this one. Every time I look at it, it’s as though he is laughing at me. It really cheers me up when I’m at a difficult part of writing. The next 2″ skull is sculpted from smokey quartz and the right hand 5″ is carved from Australian print stone. The markings on him are truly beautiful.

Along the bottom row from the left is the 5″ white quartz which my son bought for me. When the sunlight shines through it, you can see all the fractures and crystallisation inside. It is absolutely stunning. Next to that is a 5″ African blood stone skull. He was the very first of my collection. The tigers eye iron alongside is gorgeous. It has traces of metal within the tigers eye and as he is highly polished, it has a sheen to it that changes as you turn it. The latter on the right is carved from white onyx. It is unusual as it has a sort of waxy feel to it. It is beautifully carved.

Finally, in the front row going from the left is a 2″ red jasper skull. In the centre is a 2″ skull carved from white howlite and on the right is a 2″ skull carved from green adventurine. I have a few light boxes that change colour and when I place the quartz skulls on it, it is an absolutely amazing light show. I love to do this in my office on an evening in the dark to get the full effect. I find it very calming, especially in these trying times of late. On that note, I hope you are keeping safe and well.

On to what is happening with The Darkness Of Ragnarokk. Issue thirteen is coming on great. I am two thirds of my way into it, which by the way means there will be just one more issue to follow. I am currently writing the final battle to gain the thirteenth crystal skull. Can you imagine how exciting it is? There are a few surprising twists at this point. Picking up the threads throughout the story line and tying them all in happens now. I don’t want to say too much and spoil it for my readers but this is going to be a really awesome read for you all.

A big thank you to all my readers and followers, you are awesome. Love and light to you all.

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