The Darkness Of Ragnarokk Vol 1, Issue 13

By Suzanna Young in The Darkness Of Ragnarokk Comics

32 pages, published 7/20/2020.

Darkness descended our world when Ragnarokk sent comets raining down decimating our world. The thirteenth crystal skull is the key to the power needed to realign the sun to bring back the light to stop our Earth from dying. Follow Deena in her mission to find it. Within the darkness there are shadows and creatures never seen before.

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Issue 13 is now ready to order

Issue 13 has just been released and is available in print and digital format. What an awesome read. I have had so much fun writing this. So, Megan’s demise… OMG that’s all I can say. Creativity at its best. Her death by the hands of a higher power is gruesome to say the least.

Now I start to write what is the final issue of The Darkness of Ragnarokk. The template is already set out for me to begin. The thought process for the order in which the story follows is in overdrive and I can’t wait to get going.

I need a bigger window

As you can see from the feature picture, my collection of skulls and dragons is ever growing! I am always scouting about online for new additions. A bigger bay window would be really cool but, I may have to settle for putting up shelves instead. There is a new skull addition in the picture too. The second in on the right is a 5″ sea shell jasper marble skull. I have my eye on a particularly nice sodalite 5″ skull next… I definitely need some more shelves.

This is just a quick blog to let you all know about the new release and a catch up on what I am doing next. I’m eager to get going on Issue 14.

A huge thank you to my readers and followers. You are amazing.

Love and light to you all.

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