What’s in a name…?

Many people want to know what their ancestry is and it is fairly easy these days to find your line of descent. With on line records and even ancestry DNA available to determine regions from which your family tree originated, we are truly spoilt with different avenues to explore.

There may be many reasons why we would want to delve into our families past. Perhaps a compulsion towards Egypt and the pyramids or like myself, an intense interest in Norse mythology and the runes. Sometimes, something will feel familiar and we don’t know why. We develop a need to find out more. Ancient ancestry has buried images and instincts into our DNA over thousands of years without us realising it.

What if you have never really thought about it? How about, if it has never occurred to you to ask relatives about your family tree? In this respect, if all communications were lost, the internet is blown into non-existence, our satellites are destroyed by comets that almost obliterates our world as we know it… what then? Would our origins matter to our survival? This is the position that Deena (the protagonist in The Darkness Of Ragnarokk) finds herself in as she is faced with the shape-shifter in the inner chambers of the labyrinth.

What’s in a name…? Deena’s married name is Kross but that is not her true line of descent. It is her maiden name Erling that she needs to understand in order to call upon her ancestors. She thinks it was unfair that the General insisted that it is she that has to do this mission and no-one else. But was it General Montgomery’s order?

The name Erling is an old Norse name. Its meaning has everything to do with who she is and why she was chosen for this mission. By whom? I will tell you later on in this blog. Firstly let’s understand the meaning of her maiden name. It means the last descendant of Jarl. Who is Jarl you may ask? That’s the exciting bit. Jarl is the son of the god Rig.

Who is the god Rig and how could he have left a line of descent on Midgard, our Earth? Rig is Heimdall, the watcher of the Bi-frost Bridge. It is he that sounds the horn to warn the gods of the arrival of Ragnarokk. According to mythology, Heimdall walked upon our Earth along the seashore and took the name Rig. As he walked he (keeping this short and sweet) came across three couples which gave him hospitality and allowed him to sleep between them. In turn, each couple had a child.

The first child was called Þræll which means a peasant or serf (slave). He grew up strong but ugly. He married a woman by the name of Thir a slave girl. They went on to have 21 children all of whom had names that suggested ugliness or squatness. They became known as the race of Serfs.

The second family also birthed a son by the name Karl which means husband or freeman. He grew up and married a woman Snœr, meaning daughter-in-law. They had 22 children all of whom had names suggesting neatness, well kept and quality. These became the ancestors of craftsmen and farmers.

The third couple were of high status owning a mansion. They gave birth to a beautiful blond baby boy who they named Jarl meaning noble or earl. As Jarl grew up, he learnt weaponry and hunting using hawks, horses and hounds. Rig came back and claimed Jarl as his son making him his heir. Rig gave Jarl his own name and taught him the runes and told him to seek lordship. Using warfare, Jarl became the owner of eighteen homesteads along with an abundance of wealth. Jarl went on to marry Erna the daughter of Lord Hersir. She gave him nine sons all of whom were given high status names of which their meanings were son(s).

And so, Rig created the three classes of society in our world.

What does this mean for Deena? Being the last descendant of Jarl, Deena urgently needs to recall her ancestry. To draw from that which Jarl embedded into her very DNA. Without the true knowledge of the runes and the battle tactics in warfare, what chance does she stand against her biggest foe yet? So, was it General Montgomery’s order? Had the three Norns that weave the past, present and future dictated her future? It was always her mission. It was always her fate by the order of the gods.

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