Newly released today, Issue 14.

The Darkness Of Ragnarokk Vol 1 Issue 14

By Suzanna Young in The Darkness Of Ragnarokk Comics

32 pages, published 10/6/2020.

Available in print or digital format.

The Darkness Of Ragnarokk is the story line for the game. Ragnarokk, the Armageddon of Norse mythology comes to our world as a devastating comet storm which decimates Earth. Spinning our sun from its orbit, the earth is plunged into darkness. Within the darkness shadows and entities reign. Only the power of the thirteen crystal skulls can save Earth from dying. Read about Deenas’ mission to find the missing thirteenth skull. Can she save what…

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It has been quite a journey writing this story. Fifty six chapters filled with action and adventure and four years in the making. Along the way I have fallen in love with the characters that I have created and I hope I have given my readers moments of elation, fear, sadness and happiness.

As I finished writing each issue, it became ‘a thing’ for my husband to ask me to read it out to him. He was quickly hooked. Aside from seeing the person I am closest to enjoying it, it was good practice after doing a first edit. I found that it wasn’t until I did this that I heard it in a different way than writing or reading it in my head, making a second edit easier. The hardest part was reading out the last couple of pages of Issue 14 to my husband. I got to the last paragraph which was really poignant to me and yes, I had a lump in my throat and tears in my eyes but a well of excitement in my stomach. Truly a mixed bag of emotions.

I still have a couple of artworks to do as well as some last file updates before I embark on the next adventure… I can’t wait. You didn’t think that this was it did you? There is plenty more to come. It isn’t just our world that had to be saved from Ragnarokk. I promise I will keep you posted on what’s to come.

Click on the comics tab for a direct link to get your copy.

A big thank you to my readers and followers.

Love and light to you all

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