About The Game

The Darkness of Ragnarokk ™ is a single player RPG action /adventure game which combine Norse mythology and the paranormal.

Following the cataclysmic event of Ragnarokk, the earth has been plummeted into darkness. Deep craters and fissures have decimated our world as comets bombarded our planet destroying the majority of humankind. In this post apocalyptic world, where all that is unseen exists, you have to restore the light to the earth in a bid to save the few survivors.

Your field of expertise is parapsychology and metaphysics and you work for the American government. Your mission is set in the heart of Wales in the UK. A gothic style manor house holds the 13th crystal skull which you must retrieve. Interact with the few survivors at the manor, but who is really helping you? Which one sold their soul? With rambling woodlands and underground tunnels you need to collect and combine objects, solve puzzles and battle the entities which protect the final resting place of the skull. Complete the achievements to gain your skill levels to unlock map areas. With ground crawlers who want to eat your flesh, hell hounds that will hunt you down and many entities that will take your soul, you will need your wits about you. Find the ultimate weapon, ‘Gungnir’, Odin’s spear to help you. The final battle will be against the Shape Shifter in the labyrinth, but your mission does not end there, now solve the mystery of the crystal skulls.

I dare you to undertake this mission! 

Suzanna Young; Creator and writer