Newly released today, Issue 14.

The Darkness Of Ragnarokk Vol 1 Issue 14 By Suzanna Young in The Darkness Of Ragnarokk Comics 32 pages, published 10/6/2020. Available in print or digital format. The Darkness Of Ragnarokk is the story line for the game. Ragnarokk, the Armageddon of Norse mythology comes to our world as a devastating comet storm which decimates … Continue reading Newly released today, Issue 14.

What’s in a name…?

Many people want to know what their ancestry is and it is fairly easy these days to find your line of descent. With on line records and even ancestry DNA available to determine regions from which your family tree originated, we are truly spoilt with different avenues to explore. There may be many reasons why … Continue reading What’s in a name…?